Suicide Hotline

Ring! Ring! Ring!
The one watching the phone is playing
For they have no worries and no depression
The depression is kept locked up like the students in detention

Screaming from the inside with no one at all
Because if you were to tell someone they would leave you instead of break down the wall
The wall that is keeping you from happiness
Now why does everybody linger in the discomfort of others sadness?

The phone rings once more, Ring! Ring! Ring!
The phone is dead and nobody had any intention of answering
The phone has stopped ringing because the person calling has no one to save them
The person behind the phone is gone and they think they have not one problem

The problems build up and disperse upon the people who loved the one that took their life
But the weapon was neither gun or knife
The weapon was the pain
Through the snow, hail, tornados, and rain

It is said that someone around the world takes their life every 40 seconds
One, two, three, four, everyone counts with worry for the one they overfond
Ring! Ring! Ring! The person watching the phone answers the next call
“Hello is there anything I can do, anything at all”

Our generation has done a favour to most of those suicidal people
They can call for help, if they are in need of before they cripple
Parent try desperately to hide the big scary “S” word from their children
The world is a scary place with people waiting to be liberated or one taken life turns into a million


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