Suicide is Not the Last Option

I am a soul, saying from other side of the wall,
Where this never ending world ends.
Even I was gifted an adventurous life, at a heavenly place called ‘Earth’.
My journey was started from the most amazing place ‘My Home’.
The different phases of life came, and name me as a different person.
The each day of my life was unfolded with a new hope, which could make my life the way I want.
The unwanted companion of my life was usually failure.
But each moment I live, and give what I could for success to be my companion.
Each fall used to make me more stronger, than I was.
Giving up was not my thing when I lose,
But once the time came, when I started doubting my belief in me.
The cart full of judgements, comments, opposition and much more, hurted me more than failing.
I began to feel lonely in this crowded world.
And the final time came, when I thought I was not capable of completing the adventurous journey,
Alas! I ended up my life.
Now, living on the other side of this never ending world,
A thought always troubles me,
Why I kept my life aside, and suicide?
At present, I don’t find any reason worthy.
So I asked myself always this question, and even ask you to ask this question, to yourself,
Why those people matter to me, who even doesn’t matter my life?
But the thing I learnt is that,
‘I am always with me’.

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