Suicide Note

I've done nothing for you to do this to me
But how can I make you listen, how can I make you see
That the things that you say and do hurt me so much?
I feel as if I could almost be broken with just one touch
I've lost count on how many times I've cried myself to sleep
And yet I think out of me you've never heard a peep
I go around life feeling so hollow
Not wanting or thinking of a tomorrow
What's the use if all I feel is pain?
When I think of dreaming I think what is there to gain?
I just want to put an end to all this hurt
Besides, what is my life possibly worth?
So I did it, I found a way to take all the pain away
Because if I didn't, I think I'd go insane
I took a whole bottle of pills and then some just in case
And then I started to think of good things in a change of pace
All the things I could do, all the people I could help
If I could hang on a little longer and just get some help
But the pills, they kicked in sooner than I'd hoped
So now, here I am lying on the floor, dead and cold
Now I'll never get to help her, that girl who's just like me
When you look into her eyes, pain is all you see
Tell her there's more to life than just feeling pain
And that there is so much more in life to gain
Tell her to see what I could never see
So she'll never have to end up like me

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