Suicide Remedy

No one knew the world would be so dull
They only knew they felt so small
No one knew life would be so hard
They only knew how to discard, how to disregard
The people they see
The things they dream
It's all a lie
They want to die
But they can't take their life
Because in reality it's just too nice
They want mercy but everything in their life is in secrecy
It's a symphony that I want you to sing for me
I don't want your lies
There's just too much of my despise that I disguise
I don't know what to do
What to feel
I don't even know if this is real
Sometimes I just want to disappear
But there's just too much too fear
They feel like they can't move on
That their life is wrong
And they can't do a single thing
And now they're lying down thinking, "Why am I dying?"
I'll tell you why but it won't be nice
As your soul wanders around feeling as cold as ice
Life is never hard until you make it that way
That's the game that everybody plays
The world is dull because you see it like that
And I'm sorry I couldn't help you with that
This is the way things go
It's how they ever flowed
Now you know, welcome to the end of this pitiful show

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