Suicide why do you come in my life
Hearing the thoughts just makes me cry
Hurting and screaming till that moment believing
Take me away from all the grieving

Picked on laughed at for being weird or gay
No one questions why I am this way
You think it is joke you think it is funny
When it is me who feels like a dummy
I hide and stay hidden from the girls and the boys
Trying to escape from all the noise
The next day it gets worse threw rocks at me
Oh I wish I can just move on and be free

Cutting my arms to overdosing from pills
Now I am losing my power of will
Is this what I want to take my own life
Suicide oh me oh my
My family will miss me their hearts will shatter
Im here for a reason so I will let their mouths chatter

I looked in the mirror the very next day
And a thought hit me who cares what they say
No one is perfect everyone has their flaws
I'm just one guy the best thus far
Suicide oh suicide take your leave
Suicide oh suicide you will not take me

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