Click, clack,
Gun cocked and pointed to my head
Silent prayer said
Heaven is my final destination
I hope
Suicide is my only way out

Blood rushing through my veins,
Adrenaline rush through my body as a tear falls,
I pour the pills into my mouth
Lord will you forgive me
I wish
Suicide is my only way out

He raped me for the last time today
That's my only thought as I ask why
I stand up on the chair and kick it back
Lord can you please take me back,
I plead,
Suicide is my only way out

I sat the gun on my desk in front of me,
I spit out the pills into the toilet as it flushes,
I pull the knife out my pocket and cut the rope,
The Lord saw me through
I know,
Suicide is not the only way out

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