Out of Africa they were forced
chained on ships for an unknown course.
Clothed in longings for dear loved ones.
No more daughters, no more sons.

Some of the whites grew ashamed
from the uproar, they bore the blame.
You are free the slaves were told,
leave our lands, you can’t be sold.

Where will we go, where will we live?
You took everything, now what will you give.
Will you reunite us with our families?
Or take us back across the seas?

Oh, you want to live separate from us;
Funny, because that’s how it was.
Before you came like thieves in the night
So you could have us always in sight.

You want us to stop complaining,
to just forget and stop remembering;
We reap what we sow is what I know.
Those you plundered will plunder you.
They hate themselves and they hate you too!

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