Summer Heat Warms The Salt Water

The Moon moves the tides
Just by being the Moon
Get the point?
The Ocean gets bigger
As each glacier melts
Apply this to the mind
Forget not to bring along the heart, mind, body, and soul
The salt in tears
Matches the salt in the Sea
Emotions run wild
Just like the Sea gets chaotic
God whispers to each wave
Right before all the eyes and into the deepest slumbers
He calms the Seas
A dark abyss like the far off Ocean
Is where miracles are found
But the surface is also spectacular
Whatever depths,
God’s Love reaches
Day or night,
His Lungs breathe energy into the Ocean
Breathe, Relax, Believe rather than Think, Repeat
Take the leap
God’s Grace gives freedom
As the Earth shows His Eternal Movement

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