Summer is Here

Summer is here
Kissin' us with heat
From head to toe
Givin' us earthly bliss
With a hot solstice kiss

Smilin' seaside shorelines
Embrace soakin' sunbathers
Drinkin' golden sassafras
Straight from the sun
Through straws of glass

Watermelon's a drippin'
Under trees alive
Throwin' down green
At our 3rd eye
Wakin' our dreams

Butterflies a flutterin'
Under mellifluous skies
Birds a chirpin' out tunes
Throwin' down melodies
Quenchin' our honeyd souls

Sunflowers a trippin'
Feet are dancin' wild
In whimsical fields
Hands are reachin' evermore
Towards taffy blue skies

Endless rainbows stretchin'
Spinnin' psychedelic colors
That hypnotize our heads
With floral hallucinations
Of the Gaian kind

Summer is here
Rollin' out endless fun
For peeps to enjoy
On endless green lands
Stretchin' onto golden sands

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