Summer Night

On a hazy summer night,
I lay in the grass,
Their tiny blades pricking my back,
I hear the crickets singing,
The wind whooshing as it blows past,

Stars fill the sky,
Millions of white lights,
Like a miniature city in the sky,
I close my eyes and breathe in the smell of the freshly mown grass,
And I know,
Summer has come.

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This Poems Story

For the poem, “Summer Night” I wanted to use imagery to recreate the setting and feelings of a summer night. I used tactile imagery in the line, “Their tiny blades pricking my back,” to describe the feeling of grass against skin. I also incorporated auditory imagery in my poem of the crickets chirping and the winds blowing. I used visual imagery to relate to how bright the stars were and how many there were by comparing them to a miniature city in the sky. Lastly, I used olfactory imagery to express the smell of freshly mown grass to convey the mood of a summer night.