Summer of In-betweens

That forgotten summer long ago.
Yet not so forgotten that we can't remember.
We know it as well as the back of our hands.
the summer of in-betweens.

Loose leaf paper fluttering across the highways.
Pencils lost in piles of newly-cut firewood.
Notebooks and book bags thrown about houses.
As if people wonder what do with them.

Smooth white beaches are now broken up.
Lakes are choppy with bundles of energy.
Cabins full of loud, cheery voices.
Hoping to take advantage of those ten weeks.

A time of spend thrift just up ahead.
But who cares about that now?
During the last days of childhood.
Freedom and anxiety in one package.

To be done or keep fighting.
To accept or to dream.
To get down in the dirt or to sit out in the sun.
Why can't this be easier?

A summer of in-betweens.
Oh, what a summer of in-betweens.

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