Summer Ride

By Diamond   

I will describe you in one word,
sensational, and sometimes the words
you say are motivational.
Looking in your eyes makes me want to
go on a summer ride, it's like
i'm hypnotize.
You remind me of the sun, so bright
and full of light, but being around
you feels so right.
I once gave my love to you, now
it's sweltering away, why is it gone,
what did you do?
You've been hurt many times
which it left a sore, baby boy i
get it; you ain't the only one whose
been hurt before.
summer Ride with you, would be
amazing but maybe a summer
ride with you would also be
sometimes your egotism gets in the
way, and here you are smiling your
big smile which that makes my
Take me on a summer
ride baby boy, let me fly away and have my joy.

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