Summer Smiles

Sandy toes tracing along the sands surface
Legs so pale the blue toned veins are visible under the milky flesh
The only color they have the ability to gain is a fiery red
From the sun’s angry rays that shone upon them
Each red curl frizzing from the beaches blue lake water
Small snail shells seldom lay along the water’s shore
Colorful sea glass chunks in hues of whites, pinks, and greens
Sandcastles built knee-height
A large and cheeky grin plastered from ear to ear
Revealing the dimples on my chin
That’ve passed generation to generation
She’s grown now;
More careful not to track the pesky sand
Onto mother’s new living room carpet
Aware that her biggest pet peeve
Is the way the small grains escape the aggressive grip of her vacuum.
She’s now dousing her skin with oily lotion to ease the red from the days before
(An aloe plant always on hand)
Mother had always said that burn was bad but young her
Didn’t care about the blistered shoulders and sun spots
Her mind drifts off into the future, picturing the daughter she’ll have one day
Walking the same shores she did,
Climbing to the top of the sandhills and rolling straight down to the bottom
And coming to her to complain about her sandy cheeks.
And she just smiles.

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This Poems Story

In the midst of summer I had found myself standing on a beach, staring off into the sun and picturing a family I may have some day