Summer Suicide

On a nice summer's morning,
Lay a damsel in distress.
Her eyes filled with mourning,
As she stared at the ocean's flesh.
Looking at the water, she could see,
She was secretly in love with the sea.
Her skin so at peace,
Despite the troubles of this world's being.
The way she glistens,
When cast upon the sun's heat.

Alas! Her life couldn't be like that.
'After all...' she thought, '...I am human'
Oh how she wished she could swing like a simple pendulum,
Despite the world's complex conundrums.
The water, unlike her, looked so confident.
As if the world's turmoil were, to her, expedient.
Arose, she did, and walked toward her newfound infatuation.
In a trance, she seemed, and moved with determination.
For the first time in a long while,
She felt most free and alive.

She fell under sea, deeper and deeper.
Quietness and peace was all she could feel,
Which made her love the waters even harder,
And ignited her will to be part of its being.
Unable to catch her breath,
She knew she had no reason to be scared.
For she was leaving this chaotic earth,
And being led by the water to a place without fear.
And so it was by the ocean's side,
There occurred an attempted summer suicide.

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