Summertime Heartbreak

By J   

"Why do you do this?" he asked.
"Do what?" she replied.
"Act like you're some cold-hearted person that no one wants to be around?"
"Are you saying I'm not cold hearted?"
"No, I think you are the most caring person I've ever met. And you remind me of summer, everyone loves you and everyone wants you to be around all the time, you bring happiness to children and you bring the most beautiful sunsets. You bring cool nights and tan skin and memories that last forever."
she smiled, but that smile turned rigid after a moment.
"But I think what you're forgetting," she says, "is that people get tired of summer, and people run out of things to do or places to go. And while I may bring about the most beautiful sunsets, I can burn you and cause pain in you for days. So please, just keep your distance, or go away."
And just like that, he walked away. Not saying a word, not even a goodbye and she stood there and wondered why she always messed things up.

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This Poems Story

I love summer and I love the happiness it brings, but there is always a downside to everything in life.