Summing Up

I saw the world through unsullied eyes.
A limitless horizon awaited me both within and without
and I was carefully taught what was true and not -
I did not know any better

During my formative years I drank deeply from
the fountain of life not knowing that for each draft
taken something must be given in return -
This became apparent in my later years.

By midlife I grew bolder in time trying to bend His will
to mine and like Odysseus on the Blue Aegean -
was crushed by it.

Learning to unlearn meant letting go and following
the current within rather than the flowing without -
finding my way through layers of unsteadied grounds,
I found what was there all along - my own true self.

Now, in the winter of my years, I've become a keen
observer of things both seen and unseen and like
the teacup in the enduring Zen classic, have cast aside
all knowing as I would cold tea from an earthen vessel
and - have embraced the emptiness inside.

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