How can you stay smiling though all this war?
Through the toughest times on earth?
You keep it warm, you give it light.
You look down upon humanity, and smile at its mistakes.
In the night, you hide your smile, but in the day it is free.
I wish I do that, the things that you do.
I wish I could smile through everything, but what can I smile about?
Should I smile at the way we run our cities and towns?
Should I smile at the sights of terrorism?
How could I smile when I can't do anything?

I wonder what it's like to sit upon a golden throne in the sky,
Is it the freedom above high?
Or is it a temporary escape from reality?
How do you feel up there on your throne?
Is it your greatest possession?
Your obsession to carry on?
Do you watch down on all that I have been through?
Blamed, pushed, and shoved?
Is this what a normal human life is like?
Using your greed for 'good'?

I do not want it.
I want my smile to matter, I want to make a change,
But my voice in never heard.

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