Sun and the Moon

The blinded sun, the shaded moon.
Dwell within an indifferent sky.
Stars and the sky, their only distraction,
From a count of cycles, of days gone by.

Singular view of the world below,
Bringing a gift of their shining light.
All others, they freely give and show,
But to one another, is their lonely plight.

Every dusk and dawn, a chance is given.
Endless battle of time for another.
Before the warmth can be fully felt,
The moments over, lost as every other.

The planets above, weep for the struggle.
So a plan is made, for the givers a gift.
Time will be made, for all things to align.
Light will embrace light, at a time of shift.

The universe conspires, by ebb and flow.
Movement of time, ever closer and near.
Two bodies will meet and be together,
Lost in the moment, thoughts far from fear.

Patience is forgotten, the future is now.
Hidden by eclipse, a desire comes true.
Fragile bodies collide with fairy tale bliss.
A universe of many, becomes one by two.

As all things that are meant to be.
Destiny and fate will have their way.
So look to the skies to see true magic.
The power of love, can never be kept at bay.

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