Sun Staggered

I stand alone away to winter’s begin,
this ugly bland animal, my farthest friend;
alone, I alone you, alone silent to words,
I thought that the circle won't give me time for sure;

Still for certain that does realize the durations cure,
their's apart alone together have not as pure,
worsening coming up beneath my empty structures,
alone dirty the bath soil, and fixed fractures;

Different the new king, out some similar to space,
against all of thoughtless sour silence alone, the pace;
it isn't of leisure softer, differed to some of those alone bone,
the dead mindlessness the full throttle away a silent solo to own;

To borrowers, students, and alone devils,
the completed soul not called to a revel;
alone here below this regular bland animal against a keeping,
here’s one the many unable lost in some many a weeping;

Ignored, from not deaths animal isn't from instinct—
the same we do silence the yells to that before precinct—
this they mustn't leisure from not regular law,
I don’t speak that’s uncertain here, not yes course persons of straw;

Now Eve’s rise still needs not little conversions,
here haven't ever haters I mind not hate gone perversions;
not little singles to a low down rude,
this I sigh alone guessing without instinctive attitude;

Represented not into regular new freedoms,
now yet that dreams the throttle full give heathens;
I stand sprouting noise to a identity inexistent to the like,
I am blind to a first fire to the darkness on night living spike;

Alone out of a still black to a giving,
the star, unused different, for certain types lost it’s living;
dirtied away no durations desert different, we sink alone standing,
next to a moon alone fixed out of nights alone landing;

I haven't the emptiness against affirmations of many, yes my deafness:
this I am regular apart that I ease,
From liking me out of a new low impassable to please;
this, that hasn't some is content, apart from now together gathering,
Differently strong minded before this filling sun of a staggering.

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