Sundae Mountains

Gumdrops fall from my eyes
As I die a little inside
I’m falling apart in paradise
And I can’t hold myself together

Ice cream sundae mountains
Block my path to freedom
I try to crawl up them
But the cold bites at my hands
Till I can’t feel them

I scream out for help
But all that comes out is sugar
Cinnamon stick trees block the sun
From melting away the frozen custard

I reach for a sprinkle ledge
But with each stretch my
wafer bones are breaking
Snap snap snap
I crumple up upon the mountain

My peppermint eyes glisten
The tears sting my taffy cheeks
My lickerish lips wobble
The sobs sound so sweet

Hot fudge rumbles down
Drowns me under it’s thick sugar coating
I close those peppermint eyes
My candy heart stops beating

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