Sunday Afternoon

At 3:30, the streaks appear
Where at 10:00
When I washed the window
I awoke
To a pristine April sky
Punctuated by a flurry of goldfinches
Plus a pair of downy woodpeckers
Rendezvousing by the suet
A vision of artistic inspiration
I did not paint
I read the New Yorker and
Upon finishing an article
(About an artist who I think now went to my high school)
An indelicate veil
Obscured my view
Of a sinister starling
Breaking off chunks of suet,
Dropping them to the ground by
The creepy mourning doves
Who bob their idiotic little heads
As they "hoo hoo" around.

The cat leaps as I slam down the magazine

Stomping off to get Windex

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