Sunday School for Grownups

There are two kinds of people in the world today,
those that need a crutch to survive in this world's reality,
and those that see they are truly responsible for their own actions,
and need no manmade crutches to deal with reality.

All organized religions are crutches....feeding on believers faith.
Organized religions serve only two purposes these days.
They are, to control people, and to make a buck.
You can believe it or it's your own hard luck.

The Creator of all is with us 24/7 everyday, all the time.
His church is carried with you, where ever you may go.
You don't need a priest, rabbi, or a confession line.
You communicate with the Creator when you pray.

It is written, " The kingdom of God is with in you."
It's the one truth still found with in the bible.
The rest of the bible is made by man to control man.
For if you think about it....God is a perfect life form, and wouldn't have any
manmade traits... such as...hate, jealousy, vengeance, power, judgment, greed....these are man made.
These traits are made by man, to control man. Hidden in the philosophy of faith.
I hope this makes you question why as to the motivation behind organized religions.
I hope you achieve your spiritual needs with your own relationship with God.

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Just showing some of the many cracks of the Philosophy of Christianity and other religions