SUNFLOWER. by Tiffany Parker.
To you, i was a sunflower.
I was beautiful and bright with a scent that filled each room I entered.
My yellow petals brought color into your world of grey, and my green stem was strong enough to support the two of us.
However, as most flowers do, I slowly began to lose my brightness.
My stem that was once so strong could barely hold up myself, let alone us both.
I noticed you stopped wearing yellow, and that was the day I knew.
My petals began to disappear along with the love you promised would forever remain.
You took all of me there was to take and threw me away.
Your love for me was like a flower: intense and beautiful but inevitably temporary.
I watered myself and grew into something I thought you could adore but I noticed there was something off about you.
You were wearing red.
You loved a rose now.

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