Sunflowers with a majestic gold crown
The blue-purple of the evening sky
The white clouds with a sunbeam inside
Flow - sweet river onwards
To a place that can't be found
on any map - directions scattered
Suddenly now - I feel its warmth
Grabbing at the corners of a freshly-read novel
Showing its strength at the peak of the day
People think that writing is simple
If that's the case - then why aren't we all writers?
I am borrowing time from an older gentleman
Seconds that he keeps in his pockets
Time is a precious thing - never waste it
I belong to a rare breed of men
A kind who see the world through the lens of a Poet
Small - we start out but then we grow
And we get closer to those lily-white clouds
We outstretch our palms
And feel the rain as it lands on our shoulders
We are giants in a world of ants and insects
We are the reason and the rhyme
I kiss your lips not to silence you
but to give your life a punctuated moment
full-stop, period, and caesura
I promised you I would return
And on that day
You felt her warmth
And you told her for the last time
How much you loved her
How much you needed her
She will always be inside your heart

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