There’s always a sunflower in a rose filled garden
Not quiet yet grown, people are like sunflowers
They grow in the shadows in fear of being different
So they attach to the closest rose
for a sense of normality
but eventually the sunflower blooms and it grows
and it realizes it will never truly fit in
my life is like a sunflower in a rose filled garden
you were my sunflower
together we realized why sunflowers and roses
grow together because two sunflowers growing
together to become one, always makes one feel smaller
and these vines growing in my lungs
are turning into roses
and although they are blooming beautifly
I cannot breathe
and suddenly being a sunflower meant more to me
than being a rose for a roses are beautiful
they have thorns,maybe that’s why I always fell in love
with a way a rose looked
because I knew if I got too close
the thorns would poke me like a doctor
sticking a needle in me for a vial of blood
but I know that I don’t need a rose to hurt me
and I didn’t need the thorns to poke me till I bleed
I simply needed another sunflower

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