I had a pair of sunglasses
I had them everyday
I was happy when I wore them
I liked the world that way

They were made of many layers
Pink, orange, and blue
I had them for so long
I believed what I saw was true

I saw mountains valleys and rivers
A wide, beautiful array
Until something happened
That made me start to sway

A layer on my sunglasses
Began to start to peel
I realized I had been blind
I fell to a kneel

Those glasses had blinded me
What I saw was fake
I had never realized
Just what was at stake

But truth is also blinding
And all that I found out
Hurt me so intensely
I began to scream and shout

Things I had been missing
Things I didn't know
Flooded all around me
My fear began to grow

My heart is now burdened
But at least I can see
Even if I have to suffer
How cruel the world can be

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This Poems Story

Truth can be painful. Should we ignore it and live blindly comfortable? Or should we seek it and endure being uncomfortable so that we can see clearly?