Sunny Sometimes Other Times Not

Greetings friends, friends of the West
Isn't it nice to know, that we escaped death
Merely by speaking, we're a kind of our own
Living amongst this universe, this place we call home

I look to the sky and sometimes feel nothing
But other times it's glorious, and the clouds are stunning
You can see the soul of the wind, smiling as it conducts an orchestra
That's playing a song so sweet, it seems like it's an exact formula

Today I'm walking, with my head to the ground
Looking at my feet, as they softly drag around
And that's alright, it's okay, I just simply can't see the song today
Oh it's there, it always is, I just don't have the strength to live

Because sometimes we're lonely and other times we're not
Sometimes we smile, and forget why we ever fought

Because sometimes we're happy and other times we're not
Sometimes we love, and forget the hatred we were taught


Sometimes it's sunny, and other times it's not

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