We all find that place where we review the scene
We all live with our shadowy pasts
That seem to have always been in our past and also in our future

The past and present unite as times flow by
Within the tide
With our friends as footprints are seen on each side

The highway runs to town
As we walk our own path to where we never know
The shadows from the trees
As we pass them we see the ground dressed by lilies

As their hearts are pure like God's message to all of us

The branches of trees bend low
They meet the blossoms in the grass
As they kiss the feet of those who walk upon it

The sun can be seen through the closed blinds
As the wind blows scents into the sky
As the leaves fly and lie on the windowsill

Our prayers answered in one way or another
whether we believe or not
As He always prays and stays with us

Our memories brighten as our past shines through
Concealed by clouds
As they hang in the distance

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