Superman, Suspended

What if Superman left you suspended in the clouds?
Thinking he could save another soul
as you gasped for breath and clung to a pillow of cotton,
praying the wind would not carry you away...
What if Superman ran into a bed of kryptonite
and fell into a weary sleep?
And your heart weighed you down as you felt his abandonment,
the crumbs of last night's dinner falling out of your back pocket-
the memories just floating away.
And you let go.
No plane in sight, no soul around.
Nobody to help a body dangling for its life in the sky.
No hand to reach out for help.
And Superman lays paralyzed amidst his weakness,
As you pay for his mistakes.
Quickly falling towards
the world he saved you
What if Superman lay upwards toward the sky
and you faced downwards at him?
You could see helplessness in his eyes,
begging you to forgive him for leaving you.
Taking one look at you, Superman saw you smile,
suspended in midair.

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