Ever hear of the butterfly effect?
Energy source of an oracle.
Power of clarity and excellence of Heaven.
Shifts of the sun and clouds to part,
A brief opening of astonishment.
That serediptious discovery!
Focus and believe,
Heaven is Real.
Yellow ball of fire in the sky is Earth's portal of enlightenment.
Mind power of thy young girl.
A heart of grateful infinity.
For she has been filled with tears of joy.
It's just like a movie. X-Ray vision; Superman!
First fuzzy,then clear with focus,and finally a lasting blue color.
My favorite.
Seriously! Look at that picture!
Thy beautiful married couple reunited at the Gates of God.
For the infamous Devil would never give a power of beauty as is.
Keep watching. They dance swiftly on Heaven's clouds.
Eyes drawn into her Grandparent's waves downward to thy Earth Angel.
Infinte wisdom bleeds within,
Smiles passed to bring eternal peace.
Wow! They move just as smooth as they did here on Earth.
Nothing compares to this miracle!
Oh, dancing on Cloud 9.

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