Surfing in a Sea of Souls

I rise, I fall, I rise, I fall,
I break along the wall.
The currents carry me to ground,
Yet still I'm moving on.
Holding up a lantern, looking for the tide,
Waiting for the break of day, ready for the ride.

I'll ride beyond the breakers,
Onward to the wide, wide sea,
Searching for the hollow,
Yet skimming past the lee.
Surfing past the channels to the facing of the wave,
Caught inside, now locking in, to badly break a save.

Searching for the others, who reel far, and wide, and free,
I'm waiting for the evening glass, I hope for one last see.
I cleaned up good, I'm reigning in, to find a sandy bar,
To line up quick, can't stay behind, the set is not that far.
Part of the great whitewater, I'll balance on the crest,
To join at last a sea of souls, then facing shoreward, rest.

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