Surgeon Warning

I'm sick from following fake instruction.
The brain games they play leave me suctioned.
They laughed as they gassed me into a serial sleep.
An infection without an antidote
was injected into me.
I guess the dosage was off.
I awoke just feeling worse.
These ears must have heard their words when I was out.
Chronic pain has come about.

They have me hooked to their machines,
concocting another dripping concoction.
I hate this hazy feeling,
fading into intoxication.
They have me wired to their desires,
forcing pills into my throat.
Their plan is only problematic,
you can't fully fix a heart that is broke.

But they have left me alone for a moment ...

A slice into relief.
A precise end to defeat.
No surgeon in sight to clamp the bleeders,
from this self destruction.

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