Surpassing Surreal

I have dreams beyond the night,
I envision worlds of creation.
I see wonders beyond sight,
I see a life of imagination.

Majestic castles made of play dough,
with military rabbits standing guard.
Sunshine melting a chocolate scare crow,
and lemon grass growing in every yard.

People sail in origami ships,
across a sea of sticky notes.
They whet their own pencil tips,
and scribble waves as it floats.

Images grow out of picture frames,
And experience a life of their own.
The air is pink and the stars have names,
Each heart is like a microphone.

You can rewind to moments you missed,
Then pause and make the memory linger.
If you can dream it, it can exist!
Miracles lie within your fingers.

Reality collapses in a poets dream,
Mental boundaries are completely lost.
We can make things not what they seem,
We fight off normal at all costs.

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