Surreal Complexities of Love

In the middle of the woods, I found myself wrapped in cold
I make a few steps but I had no idea where to go
All I can see was dark covering the most portion of the forest
There is only one escape from that reality
And when I do the utmost effort on relating myself to non physical realm
I wish that night will turn into just light because this feeling of anxiety feed me with uncertainties
And while taking myself into this mysterious path
All of a sudden I heard a little noise
As continuously surge in this ill-lit corner,
I catch sight of his body it has been shed with blood
As fast of a tenth seconds blink, I proffered an aid to this man
After of our rambling conversation, I sorted out our thin line of similarities
We are queue of disconsolate raven sticking together
This time I redefine my state with this notion of belongingness is what more substantial
When we are lost all we want is a sense of familiarity
But a strange question he asked suddenly,
If I die tonight, would you grant to me one of your kidneys?
I thought he was kidding so I uttered yes with conviction
We fell asleep from a deadwood, I felt secured around his arms
But stabbing from my lower ribcage stop me from daydreaming
I was screaming from severe pain insomuch as blood was covering my body
The only thing I see before finally losing my consciousness was a man holding one of my kidneys
I tried to ask him a question, who you really are? but then he vanished right away
After a few days in the middle of the woods, they found a corpse.

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