"Place your hand in mine, I will save you"

His whispers like a thousand angles bled into one

My heart races against his timing

The knife gently twisting against my flaws

I look up

He smiles like a thief in the night, only to capture all of my demons

The sound of silence is petrifying loud

I count my breathes

"Slowly", he instructs me

Releasing decades of shadows plaguing my soul

An incredible force of truth throughout my body, the lies fall right in front of me to the floor,

I try to escape, he cages me,

Over and over.

I am shown the insurmountable beauty through sacrificing my pain,

Over and over.

The only way out is to face myself entirely through him,

Over and over.

I am changing,

The process is so delicate and yet so indestructible.

My trust is in the hands of another, the ground is undeniably soild.

The thought of a slightest move literally destroying me, forever,

And I am chained.

He catches my learned negativity and throws it back like a broken record,

Replaying my fears and insecurities till I allow the replishiing of my soul.

The only world I know melts around me and becomes new

All I once knew and all of whom I once loved will not recognize me any longer,

Some disappear from my view entirely, allowing for no goodbye.

I try to outrun him but I cannot hide,

I resist, but I cannot deny

The ending is clear, something real yet beautifully bruised

I look to the sun and surrender my heart

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