On the edge of the property of the gods, I knock with
no response. Alone in the midst of danger with no
weapon other than my own mind, left to create
innovations of destruction and desecration for survival
this life is a test of times. Perception is a weapon,
perceived for personal gain just recognize which action
result in prosperity or gain.. there's no shame in self
indulgence, but imagine having the humility to by pass
greed and instead throw seed to reap jewels later, and
not give in to compulsion. Instead create a flawless
component of which no omen is known, so no deity of
evil can be composed...and all deities exposed can be
defeated alone. I'm strong in the soil of my survival
heart remains home. I'm the king on the throne of life
and in the throes of confusion, my burning coals
continue to grow a great flame to sear the pain and
shed the light, no shadows move unseen, and all
villains are exposed like they dropped the ball and
blew the scene cause see...broken dreams are the
jigsaws of life, so I collect all the pieces, still I'm
far from completion, I'm almost physically depleted
but I continue to reason I survive for a reason so I
save all my pieces...and feed knowledge to my seed,
so in the future he can't be defeated by the same
demons that seized me...and I'm seasoned. Ryan Dean

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