Survival of a torn woman.

Rageing voice ,noise dulled in sound
Tears drowning as I fall with
Them to the ground
As I beg to perserve my life
His words cut more than
The edge of his knife
I lied there so still
So serene
Beleiving in my heart
This was just a dream
And with his hands gripped so tight from my chest
Around my neck ,rapid beats to my breath

I knew this could be the end to life ,and me
Why was he doing this ,what monster could he be ?
I remember him laughing and saying to shut my cries
Was this really the way a woman like myself dies?
As I tried so hard to get his grip off ,and get away
Hours,minutes and seconds were passing of the day
And finally he stopped ,he let go ,and barefoot I ran far away in the snow

I truely made it ,I got away ,and am here to tell my story today

A woman's silence ,could be her death ,her tears could be her only way left

We may be silent in this pain
But we have a voice
We didn't choose to be in such violence ,but now we have a choice .

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This Poems Story

It is about overcoming domestic violence ,and leaving my abuser ,living to hopefully now reach other women/children impacted by it .