I feel as if I cannot make it through this life. Because if I didn’t make it then I didn’t do it right. And it’s always been an upward stride in order to survive or even make it through the night in hopes to get past to your mind that’s always kept these thoughts inside such a fragile twisted twine that unlocks mystery and rhymes kept tight within the words that bind.

“Stand your ground, and find your place.” That’s all the devil had to say. With nothing but a fall from grace, sometimes the safe just can’t be saved. Our time is gone, the end is near. We’re somewhere yet we’ve disappeared. Through bloodshot eyes and all the tears, you can’t believe that you’re still here. Our word is bond, it’s all we have. When answers seem so out of grasp. I can’t hold on, I won’t give in. I’ve come and gone, with or within. I’m not alone, I’m by myself. Here stuck in heaven... this is hell. I’ve been afraid of better days, here lies a man who never changed.

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