Survive, Live, & Be Alive

Survive, Live, & Be Alive
Fantasy a chance to be.
A treasure you can't measure.
Ordinary magestic fairy.
I stopped eatting dairy.
Beautiful mermaids,
With gems they made.
With hearts scorned.
Holy vessels everyday born.
Backstabbing witches.
Two faced bitches.
Ugly trolls with firebreathing dragons.
Hidden moles on wagons.
Angel voices & moral choices.

What will you find inside my mind?
My thoughts can never be bought.
My dreams are like moonbeams.
They glow really bright.
Being a mommy should'nt be a fight.
Taking a child from there mom isn't right.
My nightmares are not fair.
They can't care.
Images that haunt.
Bodies that flaunt.
My destiny is what is left of me.
A misery you see should not be.
Your thrills make me ill.
Promise not to laugh about anything from my past?
It's unfortunate it didn't last.
A curse was cast.
My life was ruined fast.
The face had no mask.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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