Susie Smartphone

These days we all have gadgets and screens,
So we can talk online and not feel alone.
So this is a story about a young girl,
That everybody called….. Susie Smart Phone.

On a cold Christmas morning when the snow began to shift.
Her mother hugged her tightly and gave her a brand new gift.
Happy Christmas Susie, Santa came you see…
He brought you all these presents but this ones just from me.

Susie was so excited it was like giving a dog a bone.
She ripped away the paper and inside she found a phone.
It was thin and pink and shiny and clean,
She turned on the phone and stared into the screen.

Ever since that day she took the phone everywhere she would go.
Playing games, talking online and downloading pictures she could show.
She used to go the carnival the park and the playground for fun.
But instead of playing with her friends she stayed in away from the sun.

Her friends would play in the fields and buy sweets in the town.
But Susie spent most of her time these days staring down.
And into her phone shut away from the world without a friend.
Checking her social media and writing messages to send.

Until one day a boy approached Susie while her head was in her phone.
He looked at her and said “Susie why do you sit with no friends all alone?”
“I have plenty of friends” she replied “I’m fine.”
“There all in my phone, we’re talking online.”

The boy looked worried he opened his mouth to say…
“I used to have a phone but then I gave it away..”
“Talking online and watching videos was fun at the start.”
“But I spent too much time on my phone I couldn’t bare to be apart.”

“I forgot to have fun in the fields and on my bike.”
“To worried to see if my picture got a like.”
“So I stopped charging my phone until the battery died!”
“And gave it to my dad grabbed my bike and went outside.”

The boy walked away but his words had hit home.
And for the very first time Susie turned off her phone.
She looked up to the sunny skies and heard a beautiful sound.
She could see all of her friends laughing and running around.

She knew to herself that the time had come.
To say goodbye to her phone and start really having fun.
So you see having a phone can be great but don’t be in denial.
And remember to put it down every once in a while…

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This Poems Story

The poem Susie Smartphone was inspired by the modern world. It's hard to imagine the world we live in today without our utter dependence on social media and technology. Of course this new age has its advantages but our younger generations are becoming more and more disillusioned with nature and the beauty of simplicity. I wanted to write something that would not only resonate with a child. But to inspire the parent reading the story to the child.