Swallowed In Flames

I believe, that I can rise from ashes
Burnt to the ground by a fire
The red flames licking at my life
I emerge a new person
Not a woman, an individual
Finding balance beneath the cracking soil shaken by earth's quake
Pressing my memories and dreams into a single bond
I was born from fire
Birds fall silent, trees quiver and I walk alone
Self-reflection sweeps over
The mirror reflects truth combined with twisted reality
This is not me!
Time flows down stream and I am meant to keep up with it
Not to burn what has been broken
To fix the unsolvable puzzle, searching for a hidden cipher
The pieces are only imagined
Dreams into a different world
A world of rest
Wind blows fresh breath into life
I would be born from soil, a single rose
Blurred by droplets of dew
Peace within every living soul
Connected by fog of dreams that conflict the mind
As memories fade into black and white
Erupting into flames, I will rise again

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