Swan Song

Do not cross the lines that nature has set, of this Earth, or
just beyond. Within this universe, we are but a spec, a miniscule
lifeform surviving at the bottom of a pond. The rays from
the sun shines through to the bottom, enlightening us, stimulating
growth, and thus our imaginations.

Surely our Creator didn't envision us staying submerged
in the murky depths forever, as an entire world, and universe,
awaits our development. Rising from the infernos of Dante,
our consciousness awakens, as does the speculative, both
mighty and wondrous.

The decision has been made, to capture the sun completely,
as we navigate the subconscious pond, coveting the secrets
withheld beyond the surface. In such vastness we imagine
that we'll find completion, a perfect self, virtually infallible.

As if virtue ever rested though, truth comes to those that
seek such, the pain of triumph. Millenniums past, but with
a slow continuous approach, we encroach on the limits of
such edict, the pond's surface.

A breath of fresh air welcomes us, deep and refreshing.
enlightenment indeed makes us feel strong. Naturally,
what had began as only curiosity, ends with a sinister
Swan's song.

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