Sweet Alyceondriah


Mommy is here waiting for you
Arms wide open
To kiss you to the Moon

Is it possible, dear one?
To miss You?
To love you more than anything under the sun?

Even though you haven't been born yet
Haven't graced us with your presence
On God's time set?

Momma's heart aches for you, baby
Is it time yet?
Soon? Maybe?

Will you have my curls
To match your stubbornness,
My sweet Girl?

Will your eyes be blue
To match the heavens
Eyes so pretty, just like You?

Will your hair be red as fire?
Thinking of you, my baby
Momma never tires

Will you be a daddy's girl
A gem more precious
More precious than pearls?

Will you be his hunting buddy
Tracking your first buck
Trapsing through the woods, getting muddy?

Will you love to play with dollies,
Taking them everywhere,
Naming them all Molly?

Will you climb up on my lap,
Bringing me a story book
To read while you nap?

Will you hold momma's hand, little baby?
Are you on your way yet?
Just Maybe?

I know God has a plan
His time is perfect
I place you in his hands

Each day that passes without you
I feel my dream of meeting you
Passes with it too

And when God finally sends you, my dear
Momma and daddy will always love you
And draw you ever so near

I will never let you go,
For momma tells you so

Momma has been waiting a long time
For you to be in my arms
To call you MINE

So many have asked about you, my darling
When will you be here?
My love! My starling!

I already have a name for you, my sweet
Named after family who love you
A family ready for you to meet

So, Alyceondriah Rosalie Marie
Mommy and daddy are waiting
Please end our infertile journey!

Fill my womb, dear Jesus
With this precious soul
With dear Alyce

Her absence is killing my beating heart
How I long to hear her pitter patter
Her sweet snores to the sound of Mozart

To wash her dirty hands
After building princess castles
In the sand

How I long to watch her daddy
To teach her to ride a bike
To hear her sweet sounds of glee

To see her contagious smile
Light up her twinkling eyes
These fond memories to stockpile

How I long to sing her lullabies
To watch her drift asleep
To be there when she rise

To kiss her skinned up knee
To dry the tears from her eyes
To run around carefree

How I long for those little ponytails
Princess tea parties
Dramatic fairytales

Waiting for you, sweetheart
Is taking too long
But once you're here, your childhood fast depart

Oh, how I'll beg for time to drag on
For time to stand still
To wave my magic wand

But no matter what, sweet girl,
You'll always be my baby,
My little girl, my pearl

Just hurry your tiny feet, sweet one
Please don't delay
Momma's heart hurts a ton

I can't wait to meet you
Please hurry
Come soon

Momma's not getting any younger, my girl
Time is moving fast
It's all in a whirl

Momma's heart aches for you, my baby
Is it time yet?

Fill my womb dear Jesus
With this precious soul
With my baby, my love, my Alyce
For I love her so

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