sweet beach of hawaii

Sweet Beach of Hawaii
The splashing of the crystal clear blue-green water charming your ears
Feeling so relaxed as if you are laying in your comfy bed at night.
While you take off your flip flops feeling a sense of relief throughout your
body as your feet seep into the bright white sand. The sand goes in between your toes and slightly tickles them. It feels so soft like a baby's back. The water rises up to your body giving you a little sense of shock. But a good one. You go all the way in when all the sudden a tall but thin wave splashes over your head and the water spreads your hair out all over your face. The wave shoves your body to the ground and you roll into the slushy wet sand. It doesn't hurt. It's a good feeling. It makes you feel happy. It lifts your spirits. While you stumble out to the dry sand, you feel the ray of sun. You lay out your towel so the sand doesn't stick to you as if you're covered in glue. You lay down and the sun gushes onto your skin and gives a slight tingle. It dries you off in a swift minute. You look into the view and it is striking. Your eyes feel fulfilled. You see the luscious green and brown mountains in the distance .This is the performance of the sweet Hawaiian beach.

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