Sweet Child I Used To Know

Once upon a time, it seems so long ago
There was a little child, a child I used to know
A head full of curls, and eyes that sparkled blue
He was my perfect angel, that much I know is true

I gave to him his life, but he gave me so much more
A feeling deep inside, that I’d never felt before
I finally understood, the meaning of true love
A power even stronger, than all the heavens above

The bond and love together we shared, I thought could never change
But one dark day awhile back, life suddenly turned strange
He said he loved me, kissed my head, and walked out the front door
Little did I realize, our bond was there no more

He never said he was leaving, he didn’t say goodbye
He was gone before I knew it, and still I don’t know why
I think of him from morning till night, he’s with me when I sleep
I call his name out in my dreams, and then begin to weep

A million tears are shed each day, the family is no longer
I thought this child had trust in me, I thought his love was stronger
He knows I love him deeply, he knows I love him still
There is a place inside my heart that only he can fill

The pain is like the great big sea, with waves that get so high
My days are spent just holding on, and struggling not to cry
This child may not be here right now, but I know we’re not apart
No matter what, through time and space, he’ll always own my heart

I wish that I could tell him, the way I truly feel
He needs to know my love for him is true and deep and real
It shouldn’t have to be like this, no one should be in pain
We should be dancing in the sun, not hiding from the rain

Tomorrow is never promised, so I must say before I go
I love you more than life itself, sweet child I used to know

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This Poems Story

For my son, taken by his father for reasons still unknown.