Sweet Child of Mine

Sophie Marie;sweet child of mine:
The memory of you always makes my eyes teary.
I never got to hold you close,
rock you or sing you to sleep.
Even so, it will not change the fact:I still love you the most.
You never got to take a step,cry, laugh, or smile.
Not even the chance to fill your lungs with a breath.
We never met face to face. I only saw your picture once.
I now envision you; my beautiful baby,wrapped up in lace.
Sometimes I still feel you.
sometimes I think it was all a dream
most the time I just wonder if you can miss me too.
Forget you, I will not
You have a special place in my heart, just for you
and it will never be lessened by anything.
You were my everything.My heart and soul.
Now that you're gone I feel something inside me burning.
The colors aren't as bright,now that you have left.
Everything is colder,without visions of you in my sight.
Just barely three months together,
and a lifetime apart.I cherish every minute we had.
I always will, forever, and always.
Sophie Marie;Sweet child of mine
the memory of you always makes my eyes teary.

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