Sweet Decay

The damp, pungent earth beneath me seems to breathe through a blanket of broken leaves that reside upon its face,
Casting thick breaths of something moist and dim all around me.
Cool dew wafts sugary and soft through the early mornings white light,
Rising up like necromancies from the earth.
The concrete appears wet and soiled, releasing something hollow of its own that floats stiffly through the air...
The trees release a perfume, a smell that is so saccharine and dense, it floats down around you, with the magic of falling leaves,
Dancing in the wind, flicking this way and that, like the burn of a candle.
The river roars, drawing attention down and into this divinity,
It too adds a flavor to my breath, like a cold fire,
There’s a feeling that you get when you breathe in deeply,
And suddenly you'r falling,
The clouds beckon with deep voices, the sweet kiss of rain tantalizing my skin with an icy pleasure, like the smell of lightning, rekindling a spirit custom to wonder,
It's essence mixes in like some sort of glue among all of the other smells, tying them together in this common bond of nature,
All of the sweet, sweet layers,
Of Decay.

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