Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Hearts reach up into the sky
Including yours,
You are apart of the puzzle
A key on the Earth’s souls’ keyboards
Play your music
The woman dances in the gardens
Her feet and legs have been broken
Even her kneecaps are snapped
Yet her heart still dances
Her passion pours out from her foot tips
She can’t help but to dance all over the place
Be one with this woman’s tough Spirit
Take refugee in Mother Nature’s gardens
There, the great and grand Mother holds a corona of comfort
Awaiting human nature’s rhythm,
The garden stops for your instruction
Grow your passions like a garden
Fantasies are made through hard work and faith
A dash here, a dash there
Work on everything to your name
Fantasies come true all the time
The woman still dances
Take example,
Carry on her wayward perseverance
Hard work is where sweet dreams begin

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