Sweet Dreams of Missing You

You came back for me?
Oh what a surprise.
I never expected this...
To look in your eyes

It has been quite a while
I missed you quite a lot
I am glad you came back
I am actually quite shocked...

I have missed these times
I have missed them dearly
I am glad that you realized
I am! i am! quite clearly

Overjoyed, but scared...
To trust you once more
But you made the call
You opened the door

Quite happy indeed
Both jumping to our feet
You kiss me once more
And you say "have a seat."

We exchange smiles
We both sit and think...
"Why did i give you up?"
"It made my heart shrink..."

"I want you darling"
"I always have"
"But now you are here"
"Now you are back!"

Those words meant a lot
Because i thought them too
Oh darling lets dance!
Oh how much i have missed you!

You lean in to kiss me
Grab me by the waist
Such a passionate kiss
Oh how i've missed this taste!

We lay here together
Happy atlast
But all i can think of...
Are the mistakes of our past...

But you make it better
You tell me "its fine...
I have always loved you...
Dont worry about her..."

I feel quite guilty
Because i was once in her shoes
He goes behind her back...
And i am the one he chose..

I am quite happy though
For now we have reconnected
Oh how ive missed you...
Our love has been Ressurrected!

......Or so i thought
As i walked back to meet him
I opened my arms for a hug...
But.... then...

...I woke up....

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