Sweet Horse are You Still There

Hello is there anybody out there moonflower are you still there sweet horse are you still there hear me out there if you do just know that my heart aches missing you your beautiful happy face your sunshine you gave to me and took my hate away you replenished and replaced my soul with a heart strength of Grace oh my God I wish I could see your face I got to find a way to your heart a way to survival and finally leave this place there's no love with me here without those familiar faces staying here will only make me sink lower into a sea of sadness if I don't come soon I'll fall to pieces like the Patsy Cline song it is sad very sad that people don't see eye to eye and get along somewhere somehow I will share my heart with the world about you and hope for a miracle to make beautiful dreams happen and get to you you are my sister and my brother I give my undying eternal love to you I need to be near my people not stuck in a trap no where--'near My tribe not hiding with pride no -way of getting through I need you like a flower needs rain I don't want to be alone please don't let me go drift off to sea again I love you forever please know that I have not abandoned you sweet horse sweet bird is a crusader warrior will never give up on you you know this message is true where is people's self-control these days I consider myself strong as a rock a sister to a sister a brother to another brother fighting through this deep dark abyss of purple Haze don't let my spirit break-& die alone in this jury ugly succubus place I need you now more than my heart can say I have to fly to you somehow someway I trust you I give my ultimate love to you this is not a joke no clowns involved this time it's tried and true all of my love always coming through no halfway just getting there like a warrior meeting my promise I made to you don't give up sister your time is not through pull yourself together grab the reins of fire and horns see yourself there and then look and then I will finally be near we need to be with our tribe or Don't drift alone to see because of calloused pride please know that sweet horse has not abandoned you sweet bird is a crusader and will never give up on you grab the reins of fire it's your time to beat this fly high flowers need rain as you will be secure protected and happy again Remember our packed wolves of a pack got each other's back- I'm here I won't leave and drift off from you again I'll protect you and love you and tell my sales sets to the Sea to the gods again I will always protect our faith in our hearts and our love to be loyal and fiercely defend we'll hold on until the very end don't forget that my sister my friend

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